Conrad Law’s alternative dispute resolution focuses on solving your key disputes through mediation and arbitration helping you to save time and money..

Often times, the court system does not provide a timely or effective means of dispute resolution. Mediation, arbitration and negotiation is the answer.

Members of our team can be selected as mediators or arbitrators to assist parties in crafting creative solutions to conflict resolution outside of the courtroom. As an independent third party, our mediators’ and arbitrators’ focus is to facilitate an effective process and successful outcomes where all parties feel they have been dealt with fairly and their concerns fully addressed.

For clients who require representation in mediation or arbitration, our lawyers are available to guide you through the process. We advise on the course of action that is most favorable in order to achieve the goals you have set out. Mediation and arbitration differ significantly in the way a settlement is reached. Rest assured, we can help determine which form of dispute resolution is best for you or your business.

Your Benefits

At Conrad Law we understand that sometimes it is best to break from tradition and do things differently. Because of the more efficient nature, the higher probability of settlement and the ability to have some control over outcomes, mediation and arbitration results are often preferred alternatives to litigation through the traditional court system.

Our goal is to help you resolve a conflict in the most cost sensitive and timely manner possible. You will benefit from accessing a legal team with extensive experience representing clients in mediation or arbitration and acting as mediators or arbitrators in almost all of our practice areas. With the diverse number of areas of law that our practice groups cover, we trust you will find the right lawyer to represent you or help resolve your specific dispute.