Legal issues may arise at any stage in your relationship, family and inheritance. At Conrad Law, we provide you with diligent and practical advice for your family legal matters at all stages, whether you are thinking of starting a spousal relationship or ending one.

Areas of Expertise

At the onset of a relationship, you can take steps to minimize risk and have peace of mind should your relationship end, by preparing a marriage or cohabitation agreement (prenup). Like other areas such as estate and tax planning, advanced legal advice will help you avoid potential pitfalls.

If separation seems imminent, we can provide practical advice regarding pre-emptive measures to protect your interests and the well-being of your family, for example how best to structure your living arrangements and finances, or establish parenting arrangements.

If your relationship has broken down, our team can support you to find an effective plan that centered around your personal circumstances and needs, providing solutions such as parenting arrangements, income determination and support, and the division of your assets. Where necessary, we will engage ether professionals to provide feedback on parenting issues and to value businesses, investments and pensions.

At Conrad Law, we are experienced in all aspects of dispute resolution, including collaborative law and mediation, and will strive to keep your matter out of court wherever possible. Rest assured that we will explain your legal options at every step.

You may wish to enter into a separation agreement to resolve your family matter. Sound legal advice and strong negotiating skills are crucial to ensure that your agreement provides you with the best possible solution and that it will stand up if challenged down the road.

Your Benefits

At Conrad Law, we have the knowledge, experience and insight to work with you to resolve your family law matter (I want to say respectful, thoughtful, calm, etc way).  Counsel in various areas of law, such as business, tax and wealth preservation, are available to work with your family counsel to provide comprehensive advice tailored to your needs.