We advise clients on Infrastructure and environmental issues: remediation of contaminated sites, options for cost recovery, the applicability, scope and impact of regulatory offenses, emissions cap trading protocols, renewable energy options, directors’ and officers’ liability, residential environmental issues, wildlife protection, federal and provincial environmental assessments, sustainable development (i.e. green technology) and general environmental litigation.

We have experience in the natural resource and energy area providing strategic advice on business transactions, property development and civil, regulatory and administrative legal issues and dispute resolution. We can advise on health and safety, including policies and procedures, duties and responsibilities of employers, officers and supervisors, and how to respond to allegations of regulatory violations and charges. We have appeared before boards, review panels, tribunals and courts for regulatory authorities as well as for applicants, defendants and other stakeholders.

We have represented corporations, individuals, , and non-profit organizations, protecting, defending and enforcing their interests and assisting them in complying with relevant laws and regulations.

We also advise on business, legal and regulatory concerns relating to sustainable development, including project planning and investment, emissions trading, regulatory proceedings and licensing, green building and community development, power purchase and sale, environmental assessments, land use and rights of way, the movement and disposal of hazardous wastes and materials, the development of renewable energy projects, First Nations priorities and the financing of new technology